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Welcome to the Land of Music ®, home to the Note Family™, the Rest Family and many more lovable characters. Everyone in the Land of Music® helps to build Songhouses (songs) of all styles.The characters teach students how to read, write and enjoy music through songs, stories, games, movement, puzzles and books. The activities teach concepts as well as positive values such as kindness and cooperation.

When children understand the basics of music theory, they have the foundation for understanding and appreciating any area of music. They have a skill that brings confidence and self-esteem. Understanding theory fosters greater and continued enjoyment of music. The time to begin is during the early grades, when symbols are unintimidating and learning them comes naturally. Plus, musical training actually "trains the brain" in a way that improves math and science skills throughout life.

Learning is easier when we can "see" the concept. In the Land of Music ®, musical symbols are transformed into talking, moving, colorful characters children love and identify with. This creates a memorable picture. Students learn the concepts quickly, retain them like never before, and look forward to every lesson.

We know music class time is limited. That's why the Land of Music ® method is designed to take about 10 minutes of your total music time per week. Students learn fundamental theory -- symbol recognition, rhythm patterns, time signatures and the musical scale--within weeks.

Because it takes so little time, the Land of Music ® is an excellent supplement to an existing curriculum. It's also perfect for teachers or parents with minimal experience who find themselves teaching music.

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