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Stereo Accompaniment Tracks

Stereo Accompaniment Tracks
Brand: Land of Music, inc.
Product Code: 00019
Availability: In Stock
Price: $29.97


Stereo Accompaniment Tracks

We've made available stereo accompaniment tracks for Book 1. These are high quality recorded tracks without the character voices. If you have several students, you might want to enhance their vocal performance by allowing them to portray the various characters by singing along with the stereo tracks.

  1. In the Land of Music®
  2. The Note Family Song
  3. Willie Whole Note Intro.
  4. Willie Whole Note Song
  5. Helen Half Note Intro.
  6. Helen Half Note Song
  7. Quincy Quarter Note Intro.
  8. Quincy Quarter Note Song
  9. Little Ellie Eighth Note Intro.
  10. Little Ellie Eighth Note Song
  11. Susie Sixteenth Note Intro.
  12. Susie Sixteenth Note Song
  13. Pa-Pa Parrot Song (the thirty-second note)
  14. Fo-Fo Fish Song (the sixty-fourth note)
  15. The Little Dot Song
  16. Walter Whole Rest Song
  17. Hazel Gives Helen a Break
  18. Quinton Quarter Rest Song
  19. Little Edith Eighth Rest Song
  20. Sissy Is A Rest, Yes Song
  21. Chi-Chi Chicken (the thirty-second rest)
  22. Peaco Peacock (the sixty-fourth rest)
  23. 4/4 Songhouse Way
  24. 3/4 Waltz
  25. 2/4 March
  26. The Note Family Alphabet Song
  27. The Note Family Plays Piano

NOTE: This CD is included with the Homeschool Book 1 CD

Land of Music® Stereo Accompaniment Tracks (CD)
$29.97 US RETAIL plus S&H

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