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Play - Make a Difference (Environmental Musical)

Play - Make a Difference (Environmental Musical)
Brand: Land of Music, inc.
Product Code: 00010
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Make a Difference (Garbage Grove) — Environmental Musical Performance

This adventure takes place in Garbage Grove, a typical landfill — except in Garbage Grove, the trash is alive! Sir Mortimer Mouse, who lives in the dump, decides to help the trash get to the recycling center. Their entertaining journey is marvelously funny, musical, and educational.

Make A Difference is a musical that will delight all ages from Kindergarten through adulthood. It can be performed by the very youngest.

In it, you will meet the Garbage Grove characters and learn how you can make life better for all of us on planet Earth through reducing, reusing and recycling.

Make A Difference is a wonderful musical that entertains as it educates the audience on environmental issues we must all be aware of. It tells us how we can change our world to be a better, healthier place to live.

Can be used as a sing-along or as a musical for grades 4-8. Contains playbook and CD.

Song titles include:

•  Garbage Grove Hey, Hey, Hey
•  Box, Box, Box (Cedric the Cereal Box)
•  Susie the Soda Pop Bottle
•  What I Could'a Been
•  Clara The Compost Pile
•  The 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
•  Turn Me In (Creamo the Aluminum Creme Soda Can) 
•  The Recycling Center Knows What To Do (Polly Plastic Milk Jug)
•  I'm An Oil Puddle
•  Arrest That Trash
•  Make All The Little Fishies Happy
•  You Can Make A Difference

Character Voices and songs by:

—  Sir Mortimer Mouse... Ken Hensley
—  Cedric Cereal Box... Tony Thompson
—  Susie Soda Pop Bottle... Debbie McGonagle
—  Gretta Grass... Ann Keefe
—  Clara Compost Pile... Janet Rice
—  Oiley Puddle... Robert Fox
—  Creamo Cream Soda Can... Scott Rice
—  Polly Plastic Milk Jug... Karla Harris
—  Officer Danny O'Dolphin... Greg Lhamon
—  and the Make A Difference Choir


Sir Mortimer Mouse is a royal mouse from England. He is very proud, and speaks with a slight cockney accent.
Cedric Cereal Box is a "hip" young box. He has a very good signing voice.
Susie Soda Pop Bottle is a 1950s rock'n roll girl who loves to dance. She has a veryk bubble personality.
Greta Grass Clipping Pile is very wise. She has an all-knowing, gentle demeanor. Greta is the only character that does not sing.
Clara Compost Pile is a friendly country girl who speakjs with a southern drawl.
Oiley Oil Puddle is a mellow, older character who speaks with a Jamaican accent. The fact that he must rely on others for transportation concerns him greatly.
Creamo Creme Soda Can thinks of himself as a real tough guy. He tries to bully everyone around, but he backs down quickly when threatened.
Polly Plastic Milk Jug is a very sad milk jug. She cries a lot because she loves children and wants to be near them.
Officer Danny O'Dolphin is an Irish Shore Patrol Officer. O'Dolphin is a stern but kind character who wants to help others. He speaks with an Irish brogue.
1 Big Fish and 3 Little Fish all sign and swim.
Make a Difference Chorus is a large chorus.
Garbage Grove Singers are dressed as garbage and live in Garbage Grove. This should be a group of four or more singers.
Garbage Grove Dancers are dressed as garbage and live in Garbage Grove. They dance at every opportunity.
Bay Sign Characters are two or three children who hold and move the sign from stage right to stage left during "Make All The Little Fishies Happy."

$99.97 US RETAIL plus S&H  (#LA0114P24)

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