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3. Part 3: Musical Mind

3. Part 3: Musical Mind
Brand: Land of Music, inc.
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Part 3. Musical Mind

Recommended for grades 5, 6 and up.

Musical Mind takes music theory to a dramatic climax. It introduces intervals, chords, scales, meters, musical terms and instruments.  Sight Reading, song writing, part singing, playing instruments all make this a fun and exciting section of The Land of Music® curriculum.


1.  Musical Mind Teachers Manual

The 130 page Musical Mind Teachers Manual includes 36 lessons formatted for ideal lesson plans which can be copied. The format consists of the Items needed for the weekly lesson, the Goals for the Week, and all activities, games, movements, fact finding information and songs for each weeks lessons.


Musical Mind Part 3 include games, activities, movement and drama, advanced analytical thinking, keyboarding, writing and arranging music, advanced mathematical conceptualization and language arts. All of these concepts made easy to understand through the unique and easy to learn Land of Music® system. The musical concepts covered are musical scales, intervals, chords, various instrument identification, part singing and sight reading.


2.  Musical Mind Teachers Accompaniment Songbook.

The 104 page Musical Mind songbook includes 44 compositions encompassing the various time signatures, scales/ key signatures, chord structures, musical styles from classical to rock.


3.  Musical Mind Reproducible Student Song Sheets

The 66 page Musical Mind Reproducible Student Song sheets consists of

44 compositions.


4.  Musical Mind Music CD

The Musical Mind Music Cd includes 44 vocals and or instrumental only compositions.


5.  Musical Mind Teachers Accompaniment Keyboarding Songbook

The 66 page Musical Mind Keyboarding Songbook includes 38 easy to play music compositions.


6.  Musical Mind Reproducible Student Keyboarding Song sheets

The 66 page Musical Mind Student Keyboarding Song Sheets includes 38 easy compositions to play on tuned instruments.


7.  Musical Mind Reproducible Activity Songs

These Musical Mind Activity songs are to be metrically divided and played on a tuned instrument.


8.  Musical Mind  Instrument Families Music CDs.

Musical Mind Instruments Families Music CDs includes Disc 1 and Disc 2.  Each disc contains various instrumental works featuring specific instruments and instrument families for students to identify.


9. Musical Mind Teachers Edition Resource Booklet.

The Musical Mind Teachers Resource Booklet gives the background and history of each instrument.


10. Musical Mind Students Reproducible Resource Booklet

The Musical Mind Student Resource Booklet gives the background and history of the various instruments.


11. Musical Mind Instrument Families Fact Cards.

The 54 full-color Musical Mind Instrument Fact cards includes the Brass Family, Percussion Family, String Family, and the Woodwind Family with interesting facts on the back side of each card.


12.  Musical Mind Reproducible Activity Pages

There are 60 Musical Mind Activity Pages on scales, intervals, chords, meters, musical terms, and songwriting. There are teachers answer sheets and 4 Musical Mind Achievement and Excellence Awards.


13.  Musical Mind Flash Cards

The 40 Musical Mind Flash Cards include terms such as the birds eye and ostinato.


14. Musical Mind Tricky Triad Flash Cards

The 160 colorful Tricky Triad Flash Cards are fanciful, personified chord characters including Augie Augmented Chord introducing the augmented chords or triads,  Martha Major Chord who introduces the major chords,  young Mickey Minor presents the minor chords and baby De De Diminished chord who presents the diminished chords.


15. Musical Mind Awesome Interval Flash Cards

The 39 Awesome Interval Flash Cards consist of  a variety of intervals such as major and perfect intervals


16. Musical Mind Meters Matters Flash Cards

The 72 colorful little Meters Marchers Flash Cards introduce perfect and imperfect meters, simple, duple, triple, and quadruple, and compound simple, duple, and quadruple meters.


17. Musical Mind Rubber Stamps

The Musical Mind series includes 7 rubber stamps including Ace The Bass Guitar, Violet Viola, Sarah Snare Drum, Kelly Keyboard, Tommy Trumpet, Sammy Sax, and Clara Clarinet.


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