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2. Part 2: Build a Songhouse

2. Part 2: Build a Songhouse
Brand: Land of Music, inc.
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Part 2. Build a Songhouse

Recommended for Grades 3 and 4 and younger.

Build a Songhouse presents the musical alphabet including the names of the lines and spaces in the treble and bass clef, more musical symbols, time signatures, tempos, dynamics, accidentals, dissonance, names of the sharps and flats, key signatures, musical directions and basic keyboarding.


1.  Build a Songhouse Teachers Manuel

The 140 page Teachers Manual includes 36 lessons formatted for ideal lesson plans which can be copied. The format consists of the Items needed for the week's lesson, the Goals for the Week, and all activities, games, movements, fact finding information and songs for each weekly lesson.


The Build a Songhouse instructional guide includes games, activities, rhythm and vocal exercises, movement, dance and great mathematical and language arts techniques.


2.  Build a Songhouse Teachers Songbook

The100 pages consisting of  25 songs  includes:  Land of Music' Welcome,  The Staff Twins song, In The Land of Music, Sir Mortimer The Mouse, Monroe The Moon, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, FACE, Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes, All Cows Eat Grass, Difference Between Treble and Bass, 4/4 Songhouse Way, 3/4 Waltz, 4/4 Common Time, 6/8 and Swing, 2/2 Cut Time, Rapid Repeat Express, Time Signatures, The Tempo Tune, Dr. Dynamics, Accidental Accidents, Key of C,  Rapping the Sharps,  Learn Those Flats, and the Sourtone Enterprise.


3.  Build a Songhouse Accompaniment Music CD

The accompaniment Music CD includes all 25 truly fun, exciting and memorable songs with great vocal vocals and accompaniment only.


4.  Build a Songhouse Teachers accompaniment Keyboarding Songbook

The Keyboarding songbook included are all of the Part 1 and Part 2 songs arranged for easy accompaniment for students ranging with no keyboarding experience to those who have some skills in playing keyboard.


5.  Student individualized Reproducible Build a Songhouse Songbook.

The 68 page Student Reproducible Songbook includes the 25 songs from Part 2 only in 8 X14 inch size folded.


6.  Student Reproducible Build a Songhouse Activity Sheets

There are over 100 full size reproducible pages which include all the Part 1 and Part 2 songs plus the keyboarding exercises and paper keyboards for fingering and pitch practice.

There are 100 Activity Sheets for the lessons with tests and teachers answer sheets,  25 coloring pages, 4 certificates of completion and Excellence


7.  Rhythm and Vocal Exercises for Build a Songhouse

The Rhythm and Vocal Exercises consists of 36 lessons of 36 Rhythm and Vocal Exercises on CD to accompany the Rhythm and Vocal Reproducible Sing and Clap exercises which develops listening skills in recognizing various time signatures/meters, rhythm patterns and pitch


8.  Rhythm and Vocal Exercises on CD to accompany the Rhythm and Vocals reproducible sheets


9.  Build a Songhouse Storybook

The 160 page Build a Songhouse Storybook includes 25 beautifully illustrated whimsical, entertaining and educational stories in full-color about the fascinating personified musical symbols who live in the Land of Music® and make the memorable Land of Music® come to life in such a way children of all ages can enjoy and understand.  All 25 characters mentioned in Such stories such as The Staff Twins story,  Sir Mortimer The Mouse, Monroe The Moon, E G B D F Story, FACE story, G B D F A story, A C E G story, Difference Between Treble and Bass story, Quincy Quarter Note As Beat Setter,  Ellie Eighth Note as Beat Setter, Helen Half as Beat Setter, Musical Directions Story,  Bartok Baton and his Tempo Story,  Dr. Dynamics Story,  Accidental Accidents Story, Normal Natural Story, Shirley Sharp Story, Flora Flat Story,   Spike Sourtone and the Sourtone Gang Story.


9.  Build a Songhouse Flash Cards

The 112 full-color Build a Songhouse flash card set includes time signature cards,  names of the lines and spaces cards,  musical directions cards,  tempo and dynamics cards make learning the basics of music fun and easy.


10. Build a Songhouse Character Portraits

These 24 beautiful illustrated full-color full page personified Build a Songhouse Character Portraits can hang on the wall or be displayed in a clear plastic folder to introduce each new character and story to the class.


11. The AIM Game.  Adventures in Music

The Aim Game board 21"X 33" full-color enchanting sturdy laminated playing board which folds in the middle for easy storage is actually three games in one.

100 full-color laminated Aim Game playing cards have two sides of musical symbols.  Side 1 is used for learning Note and Rest Symbol and musical directions Recognition. Side 1 is also used to learn time signatures and how many beats a note or rests gets depending on the time signature.  Side 2 teaches the names of the lines and spaces in the treble and bass clef.  This game is enjoyed by elementary and highs school students alike.  It is fun, educational and produces not only a good foundational understanding of music theory but also increases the skills in understanding mathematics.

6 AIM Game Helping Hands Cards go with the game to help the students learn the basics of music.

2 AIM Game Instruction sheets explain how to play The Symbol Recognition Game, The Time Signature Game, and the Names of the Lines and Spaces or Musical Alphabet Game.


12. Laminated Staff Board

This colorful two sided, full-color 8X14 inches laminated staff board is easy for the students to use at their desk to practice making the various musical symbols.  Follow the type of marker and cleaning instructions recommended for best results.


13. Build a Songhouse Rubber Stamps

The 6 rubber stamps included in the Build a Songhouse series are: Sir Mortimer Mouse, Monroe the Moon with Twink and Wink, Little Dot, Shirley Sharp, Flora Flat, and Norman Natural.


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