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From the moment you enter the Land of Music®, be prepared for a musical learning experience unlike any other!

The Land of Music® is the world where music comes alive to treat your students’ imaginations, tickle their funny bones, entice their ears and teach the language of music! You’ll get instant excitement from your students.

Using the proven teaching method of association, musical symbols and instruments in the Land of Music® become fun characters students can relate with and learn from. Through songs and stories that teach concepts, plus drama, movement, activities and eye-catching illustrations, students learn from the Land of Music® characters how music is made – and become music makers themselves!

The Land of Music® has it all. The system:

  • Captivates students’ attention in an unparalleled way.
  • No Child Left Behind Goals.
  • Achieves all Goals 2000 objectives.
  • Incorporates all of the performing arts – music, dance and drama – and visual art.
  • Contains lessons that reach all learning styles.
  • Is successful with all students, including gifted or special-needs.
  • Is divided into 4 age appropriate sections spanning K-8 grade.
  • Is affordable for all schools.
  • Is designed so simple, anyone can teach it.

Plus, the Land of Music® stimulates learning and thinking processes that are used in math, science and language arts! The system includes plenty of curriculum connections.

In classrooms across the country, the Land of Music® system is the easiest, most captivating method available for teaching music theory and performing arts to elementary students. Its flexible format and clear lesson plans make it simple to fit dedicated music theory time into your existing program.

The arts are the signature of a civilization. Help your students develop their own artistic signature by teaching them to read and write music – a skill that grows with the students, a gift they’ll never forget. How do you get there from here? Through the Land of Music®!

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